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TK8 - The Number One Pogostick
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Discover the two TK8 models here with the FUN TK8, for children ages 8 years to 14 and the AIR PRO TK8 for users 14 years, or more than 110 pounds for bigger sensations. We recommand jumpers always wear a helmet.


Find your spare parts, helmet and carry bag.

Which model will you choose? ?

If you need any advice before buying or just want to know more about us, please contact us

Pogo stick TK8 FUN
119.00 €

From 8 years or from 70 pounds to 120 pounds.

True sport equipment for true sensations.

Always wear an helmet.
Pogo Stick TK8 Air Fun
299.00 €

From 10 years or 35kg.

The brand new Pogo stick AIR FUN is the most versatile on the market! 

Always wear an helmet!
Pogo Stick TK8 Air Pro
349.00 €

From 15 years or 55kg.

The brand new Pogo stick AIR PRO is the most powerful of the TK8 range!

Always wear an helmet!
Pogo Stick NSG Grom
70.00 €

From 5 to 9 years or more than 18kg.

NSG Grom is the perfect pogo stick choice for young generation all over the world!

Always wear an helmet!
Pogo Stick NSG Flight
80.00 €

From 9 years or more than 35kg.

Unparalleled performance perfect for beginners!

Always wear an helmet!