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TK8 - The Number One Pogostick
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Accessoires Bâton Sauteur TK8 Pogostick

All our Pogostick spare parts

Find all our spare parts for pogosticks From the piston to the shoe, you will find all the spare parts that you need. Please contact us for any spare parts not listed here.


Find below the spare parts that you need.

 Valve for TK8 BIG AIR
4.80 €
Do not jump with the valve extension screwed on the TK8 Big Air, Risk of breaking the valve and hurt yourself.
Pad TK8 for pogostick BIG AIR
12.90 €

Rubber pad high adherence. Delivered with 2 steel washers.

Pad TK8 for pogostick FUN
7.90 €

Rubber shoe high adherence.

FUN TK8 soulplate slide for pogostick
12.90 €

To attach under the footstep to ease slides.

Foot Step BIG AIR
45.00 €

Light and resistant, thanks to a special alloy.
BIG AIR Handlebar
30.00 €

Strong and resistant. Delivered with rubber handles.
BIG AIR PISTON replacement
18.00 €

BIG AIR piston new generation.

80.00 €

Strong, special internal treatment to facilitate the slide.