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  • From 10 years old / 35 kg
    This Pogo Stick is the most versatile on the market!
    • Versatile
    • Lightweight
    • Flexible
    • Suitable
  • From 15 years old / 55 kg
    The most powerful of the TK8 range !
    • New TK8 leg
    + Lighter than the Big Air
    • Fluid
    • Sensations
  • From 8 years old / 35 kg
    Children POGO stick
    The ideal Pogo Stick to experience the first sensations!
    • Jumps greater than 50 cm
    • Figures and tricks, close to the scooter
    • Promotes coordination and balance
    • Resistant
  • From 5 years old / 18 kg
    Beginners Pogo Sticks
    2 Pogos Sticks for young riders!
    • NSG Grom > from 5 to 9 years old or over 18kg
    • NSG Flight > from 9 years old or over 35kg

    • Quieter rebounds
    • New line designed by experts

TK8: The number one of Pogo stick in Europe for Adults & Children

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Pogo Stick TK8 Air Pro


Pogo Stick TK8 Fun


Pogos NSG Flight & Grom


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TK8 Pogo Stick - 2021 SummerCamp in Andorra
Team TK8: Louis, Manoa, Clément, Dani
Models: TK8 Air pro, TK8 Air fun, TK8 Fun
Training session for Clément on his Pogo AIR FUN booster Legs.
How to take advantage of sunny days?
Sync w/ @pogolouis & @lejeunesoglo
Got a pogo stick at home, but don't know how to start?
Clément gives you a special unboxing to explain...
Watch out for the dive!!
Double inward to ulbs late inward !!
Little flip to start the week!
@pogolouis & @lejeunesoglo
The new color of the TK8 FUN is available!
Videos: the first tricks
Perform your first pogo stick stunts!
That's it, you have acquired your first pogo stick and
you get dizzy thinking about all the stunts you
will be able to do. You are right, the possible tricks
on a pogo stick are almost endless!

Meeting with the TK8 TEAM
The Freestyle Experts on Pogo sticks

We currently have a team of several guys who are using and promoting our TK8 products. You will find pros and juniors there who will show you the basics of the pogo stick as well as incredible tricks. This practice requires training, once mastered the rendering is magnificent and amazing. Nothing better to escape than jumping on your pogo stick TK8, whether it's a model for children or adults, all our pogo sticks meet European safety standards. However, we recommend a specialized helmet to test your tricks, whether it's a simple bouncing or a front or back flip, it's up to you to see how far you want to go.

Discover the Pogo Stick TK8 for Freestyle Pros

TK8 has for many years been the No. 1 in Europe for professional quality compressed air pogo sticks. Indeed, we offer you the TK8 Air Fun and the TK8 Air Pro, exceptional jumping sticks that will allow you to perform incredible tricks. Do not hesitate any longer and let yourself be excited by the TK8 adventure in the air.

Discover the joys of jumping with the TK8 pogo sticks

TK8 offers Pogo Stick for children, beginners or for fitness practice. Indeed all our bouncing sticks do not have the same power and resistance to shocks, so you have to choose the pogo stick corresponding to your needs and your morphology. We offer the TK8 Fun spring stick for beginners and children.
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