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The Pogostick range provides sportsmen from 8 years to adults with fun and physical exercise, balance and motor skills, and adrenalin. How did we get here?

The Pogostick was born in the 1920’s. At the beginning, it was exclusively conceived as a toy, but it has become today stronger and more effective to convert into a real sports device, or even an extreme sports one. Nowadays some BMXers, surfers, and scooter riders have got involved with this new thrill.

The inventor and owner of the patent is Georges Hansburg, a German who was living in Illinois USA. Many famous people such as musicians have used the Pogostick and made it popular. So much, that it became a must have in all American homes. Hansburg’s company was later sold in the 1970´s to another American. The Pogostick is now entering Europe, under the name of "bâton sauteur” in France. In the USA, more than 1800 Pogosticks are manufactured every day during the 5 months prior to Christmas.

In 1997, two Frenchmen got passionate for transforming the traditional Pogostick practice into a sport enabling greater sensations while focusing on quality and performance. They first worked on spring propulsion and were invited to many TV shows. As the devices for the youngest rider were performing well, it was decided that there was a need for a lighter device for older riders. The air propulsion was the solution and TK8 was born. In the 2000’s, American innovators got the same idea as well. The new generation of Pogosticks began disrupting the practice.

TK8 has then developed and consolidated its range in 2013/2014. The FUN model, for the 8/14 years old or 70/110 lb, quickly became a best seller and a thousand devices were sold in Europe and even in Japan. Selected for its strength and reliability, it enables a rider to make their first tricks without any risk and nearly anywhere. The PRO AIR model was launched in 2013. Dmitry Arseniev, from the Xpogo team beat the world height record (9.7 feet) and the world record for the number of consecutive backflips during the Montpellier FISE exhibition:

He also got the best trick award with his best trick vodka flip. But TK8 wanted an even more high performing Pogostick with more reliability and greater strength. Thanks to 100% manufacturing in France, the made in France BIG AIR was born in 2016. It offers today the best quality and best performances while providing a much smoother sensation. Today, TK8 keeps constantly improving its models, and works as well on new formats. The objective is that more and more users can experience and appreciate the pleasures of balance and sensations, whatever their level is.