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In any sport of course, but also in the daily life, the control of balance brings of numerous benefits:

- Suppleness: working balance increases the speed and the response time to realize any movement by improving the synchronization between nerves and muscles.

- Performance: the more we develop our balance, the more precise and effective our movements are , and the greater more our stability becomes.

- Proprioception: improving balance helps to master the body and its positioning in space. Certain aras of your brain are also activated.

- Health: controlling body and its movements, enables a decrease of the risks of twisting members, shoulders, wrists, hips, ankles and especially the knees.

With the practice of a Pogostick of the range TK8, you will also strengthen your muscles and will tone them up. The activity consumes extensive calories and also makes the cardiovascular system work efficiently like the jump rope, by favoring coordination and the reactivity.

The work of balance in sports environment will also bring you a sensation of looseness and well-being for the full day.